Maximising Value in Rail Supply

Things are changing fast in the rail supply chain.  With £35 billion expected to be spent on new services and equipment in the United Kingdom alone – a supply chain expansion of 140 percent – the market looks set for a steady period of growth.


Rail systems with greater capabilities mean more effort for those who work to keep the network up-and-running.  These challenges are only going to get harder as the years go by, and rail suppliers which can't adapt will face an uncertain future.


To keep delivering value, the rail industry as a whole needs a 'left-shift' in its approach to development, extending all the way across design, engineering, construction, maintenance and refurbishment.


The skills and tools needed to make this a reality are out there, developed by industries which have faced conditions like this before.  Rail supply could do a lot, today, to deliver greater value in the face of the change it faces now and in the future.


Finding ways to deliver better value is always a challenge but running headlong into a problem isn't always the best way to solve it.  Often, it's better to spend five minutes before you launch into looking for solutions, thinking instead about how to make the problem easier to solve.


This White Paper aims to put modern-day engineering under the spotlight and explores key areas to which rail suppliers may maximise value across the entire rail supply chain by using proven Systems Engineering methods and tools.


Read what the White Paper says about...

The Rail Industry

Requirements Management

Quality Management

Supply Chain Management

Value Engineering

If you have found this white paper useful, and would like to hear more about how your organisation may use systems engineering to better manage complex rail engineering programmes:

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