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Collaborative Engineering Management Offering Pack Requirements Management with SyntheSys Technologies Electrification and the Automotive Industry: A Systems Engineering View

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Technical Articles

Migrating to IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next from IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family


Some of the complexities when migrating between DOORS® Family and DOORS® Next.

Engineering Development and The Cloud


Benefits and Advantages of Using The Cloud for Engineering Development.

Get it Right First Time with Collaborative Engineering Management


Get your Products and Services Right First Time and Avoid Costly Re-Work.

Getting Certified with the International Council for Systems Engineering (INCOSE)


As a Systems Engineer, are your Capabilities Recognised and Does it Matter?

Improve your Competitiveness through Systems Engineering Training


There is a strong direct relationship between past experience and the likely success of future projects.

Improve your Competitiveness through Collaborative Engineering Management


Projects that apply systems engineering practices perform better than projects that do not.

Improve your Productivity through Collaborative Engineering Management


Systems engineering has a significant quantifiable return on investment.

Optimising Software & Systems Engineering Projects with Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) Compliance with Standards and Legislation through Collaborative Engineering Management


SyntheSys' approach to systems engineering with expert personnel and appropriate tool support.

What is the Purpose of Verification & Validation


What is the Purpose of Verification & Validation within the Systems Engineering Life Cycle?

Requirements Management: Fundamental to successful Collaborative Engineering


A high-level overview of requirements management.  Read the article now.

What We Mean by Collaborative Engineering Management


We use the term Collaborative Engineering Management in a good deal of our printed material.

Requirements Management: Managing Complexity


The complexity of implementing systems engineering in an organisation should not be underestimated.

The Complexity Gap


Managing Complexity in rail supply using proven systems engineering methods.

Agile Systems Engineering (ASE)


Agile Systems Engineering (ASE). Complexity: Cause or Effect?

Agile delivery in a System-of-Systems Context


Agile delivery in a System-of-Systems context, more than the sum of parts.

Engineering the 'Net' in 'Net Zero'

Customer Success Stories

Jaguar Land Rover Requirements Writing Training


SyntheSys Systems Engineering Business Group supporting Jaguar Land Rover.

SyntheSys Assists Nippon Seiki


Nippon Seiki (Europe) deliver complex safety critical driver instrumentation systems to a number of automotive manufacturers.

Teledyne TSS Requirements Management


Teledyne TSS design and manufacture marine sensors for navigation, motion sensing and cable and pipeline detection.

Transport for London (TfL) Heads for the Clouds


Transport for London (TfL) runs the day-to-day operation of the Capital's public transport network and manages London's main roads.

SyntheSys Supports Network Rail IT in IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family Upgrade Project


Upgrade of IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Family and IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing.

Success in the Nuclear Industry


Requirements Meets Verification and Validation.

SyntheSys Assists Major Oil & Gas Player


New Custom Systems Engineering Approach.

SyntheSys Supports Major Rail Player


Momentum is your friend, speed your ally.


Engineering for Aerospace & Defence Applications


SyntheSys Technologies is proud to support the Defence industry.

SyntheSys Testing Services


Quality Test Services Powering Forward Thinking Systems Engineering.

Automotive Systems Engineering and Training to Accelerate Development Programmes

Industry Reports

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot – Engineering Lifecycle Management

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