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We work with our Customers to understand their challenges to offer solutions specific to their needs.  Working with you, we offer focused, integrated solutions that help you to drive business and operational efficiencies.  Discover how we are supporting our Customers in highly complex and fast-growth industries with transformative systems engineering solutions, training, and services.



Engineering vehicles with a much greater demand for advanced driver functionality comes with a huge number of challenges.  This shift towards advanced functionality, a more rigorous need to comply and a focus on innovation, calls for a method of work which connects assets, engineering, and supply chain operations in an automated and streamlined way.

As the systems developed by the automotive industry grow ever smarter and more complex, many automotive manufacturers have turned to systems engineering to ensure they keep enhancing the value of their products in a more technically demanding market.

With some of the leading automotive players forming our customer base, we provide training, tools and systems engineering services to power the platforms and vehicles of tomorrow.




To cope with rising product complexity and significant amounts of data, modern rail engineering teams must improve existing methods of working whilst embracing new processes and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Rail systems with greater capabilities mean more effort for those who work to keep the network up-and-running.  These challenges are only going to get harder as the years go by, and rail suppliers which can't adapt will face an uncertain future.

We specialise in tool-supported systems engineering – providing our rail Customers with affordable systems engineering services, tools and training to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering solutions to their customers.




Aerospace & Defence

The performance goals for platforms and systems within the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry require a huge amount of engineering innovation.  As government reforms centre on environmental issues, security, new technology and collaboration, investing in the right talent, process and tools is critical to success.

With over 30 years’ experience operating in the aerospace and defence sectors, we have helped many organisations operating in the A&D environment increase operational and organisational value through advice on processes, training, and the introduction of software tools.  By putting innovation at the centre of what we do, we have facilitated, enhanced, synchronised and diagnosed defence programs.

Our core capabilities have developed to fully support:

• Platform Integrators

• Systems-of-Systems Engineering

• Operational Analysis

• Military Systems Engineering

• Tactical Data Link sustainment

• Interoperability Management

• Model-Based Systems Engineering.

For more information about our defence projects, please visit our sister site, SyntheSys Defence.


It’s no secret that the energy industry faces huge challenges in terms of its shift towards sustainability.

As the industry makes changes to combat climate change, technological innovation has been a key driving force across the industry.

Systems engineering is a discipline in its own right, concerned precisely with the insights, processes and tools to enable you to look at a product as a whole and due to the complex nature of the energy industry, is being used to great success to engineer efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.

We have worked with energy customers to transform requirements management processes and continue to supply leading systems engineering tools.  We can offer expertise around Model-Based Systems Engineering and simulation services which allow our energy customers to understand the behaviour of new systems and technologies.

Compliance presents huge challenges for the energy industry; we can offer advice and services around standard conformance and draw upon many years of working with customers to assist our customers in implementing robust strategies for success.

Aerospace & Defence

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