SyntheSys Video Channel

A variety of short video clips exploring SyntheSys Technologies services and Collaborative Engineering Management approach.


Digital Engineering with SyntheSys Technologies

Members of our Customer Engagement Team explore the merits of Digitising Engineering operations for innovation, improved quality and accelerated time to markets.


Enhancing and Accelerating Engineering Projects via Collaborative Engineering Management

An introduction to SyntheSys Technologies’ Collaborative Engineering Management approach which outlines how we can help engineering organisations working in highly complex environments.


Pause For Thought

Exploring SyntheSys’ engineering and training services for manufacturing, engineering and defence markets.

Arrow Presents

We recently enjoyed taking part in the ‘Arrow Presents’ series, where we talked to technology distributors, Arrow, about the current engineering landscape and how our Collaborative Engineering Management approach is helping major players upskill teams, improve processes and automate elements of the engineering life cycle.

Educational Videos

Managing Product Development Complexities in the Travel & Transportation Industry

In this recorded webinar session we discuss the merits of adopting a tool supported system engineering ethos, and we will be demonstrating powerful IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management tools.

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